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GetbacK Trio!
"The Wedding Band"

My long time band buddy Glenn got a call from a chap who had sat in with us for fun at a birthday party a year earlier.

Turns out he was getting married and wanted to know if we'd play at the reception!
We said "sure" and quickly recruited Bill to play bass.

This time out the Band consisted of
Glenn Engel
, Bill McKinlay, and me.


All videos are also available directly on the
Barryeamez Channel on YouTube


Wedding Reception of Dan and Nadine Hebert —November 2009

Stand By Me

November 2009
Wedding Reception

I heard afterward that the event had been taped but until now the videographer hadn't the time to edit the thing into clips.

I was surprised a year later by a call from Dan (the groom) who told me he had prepared a few clips for us, and in HD too!

He also added some captions which makes it more fun to watch.




Standing on the Edge of Love

November 2009
Wedding Reception

The whole thing was recorded from a stationary camera
positioned high up in a corner,
one of two used to film the wedding itself.

The mic of course is on the cam so the sound,
while quite good, is still a bit "remote" sounding,
and picks up a lot of the room chatter.

My PA was pointing away from the mic.
But Glenn and Bill sound good!



Peaceful Easy Feeling

November 2009
Wedding Reception

Because the room was small and intimate I elected to use lighter equipment than I normally would have. In this case an acoustic-electric Ovation Elite 1868 and a Parker Hornet PM20 electric guitar.

My "PA" is actually a 40 watt floor monitor sitting on the hearth to my left. And for the guitar amplifier, I used a VOX DA-5 modeling amp. Only 5 watts and about the size of a 4 slice toaster!





All Those Lies

November 2009
Wedding Reception

Dan (the Groom) titled this one "The Frontman vs. the Crowd".
A bit adversarial, but there are times when you feel like you really gotta work for it.
I guess this was one of those times.

This song, originally by Glen Frey (of the Eagles) seemed to resonate with Glenn and me, being a couple of old farts, but may have been a bit "heavy" for this occasion.
Hey, ya don't want to be talking about "lying"
on your wedding day, eh?
Oh well...




Heat Wave

November 2009
Wedding Reception

Another song from early on in the evening.

This was always a good tune to play live with a big band.

It may have lost a little in the translation to a smaller venue
but it's still a fun tune to play!





Dream Lover

November 2009
Wedding Reception

Dream Lover was always one of the songs we did
"back in the day" in the first set.

This old Bobby Darin tune is a bouncy little piece of musical fluff
that always seems to be well received.

It was usually the first song of the night that triggered the women folk to grab their man and get him up dancin'.

No dancing here though!
But still a great ice breaker tune nonetheless.


Continuing thanks to Dan for putting these videos together for us!