1991 BAND

1991 was a good year for this version of GetbacK band.
We finished our one and only "album",
followed by a string of satisfying gigs,
including this one at a club in Richmond Hill Ontario.

We did our first (and last!) three-night stand there.
My throat is still sore!

Club 9301—June 1991

R.I.P. MickeyJanuary 22nd, 2011. After an heroic 8 year battle with leukemia

Nothing like seeing your name in "lights"!
left to right:  Glenn,  Mickey,  Me
Take two!
(Never gets tired)
The quiet before the riot!
Fender-boy Glenn!
My best-est buddy in the world and my musical partner in crime for more years than I care to remember.
He's my rock and foundation and keeps me from going off the deep end when I can't remember the chords.
Fender-boy Mickey!
The most melodic player you could ask for, and my musical soul mate.
Some of his leads brought tears to my eyes.
A fine singer too!
Fender-boy Geoff!
Solid um, bottom man.
A great musician and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!
They don't make 'em any better than this guy! Or funnier.
A great drummer who always kept us together---or else!
Lights! Camera! Now, where's that pedal?!
 It's always something...get on with it!
Well, fearless leader. Pick a song already!
No rush, Rich hasn't finished his beer yet!
Fender benders!
Glenn  right: Mickey
When Mickey spun that baseball cap around we knew it was gonna be a rockin' good night!
Finally! Rocking it out with my boys!
Taking a vocal break to back up one of Mickey's amazing solos!
I'm the only guy in the band who didn't play a Fender! This is a 1985 Westone Spectrum ST.
 And that's a vintage Gibson.
1964 ES-330. Bought it new.
Yes, I'm that old. (sigh)
Whenever I ask myself why we put ourselves through so much stress and strain performing
I look at myself here and I remember...